Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How do I make a reservation?

A   You can reserve right here online or over the phone. Any last-minute reservations for arrival that day need to be made over the phone. If your stay is more than 30 days away, you can reserve by paying 20% of your reservation with credit or debit card. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your arrival, and if a check or money order is not received by the due date, the balance will be charged to your credit card. If your stay is less than 30 days away, the entire amount for the rental is due at the time of booking. We require a damage deposit for each reservation. Guests can put down a refundable $2000 security deposit, or purchase a no-fault no-deductible damage insurance policy costing $34 (or $49 for our larger homes) that provides up to $1500 (or $3000) of coverage. 90% or more of our guests choose the damage insurance.

Q   How will we get our keys?

A   We offer an easy, self-service check in and no physical keys are necessary! Once you reserve, and we receive your initialed and signed rental contract, you will be sent an email with directions to the cabin as well as a custom access code for you to enter on the electronic keypad at the front door. After you arrive, you can reprogram your access code to a custom 3-5 digit code, which we always recommend as the doors do lock automatically every time you leave the cabin.

Q   What if I need to cancel?

A   We highly recommend trip insurance to cover your costs if you have to cancel within 30 days of your arrival. We offer trip insurance through CSA for just 6.95% of the cost of your trip. Please contact us for details. If you declined trip insurance and cancel with less than 30 days notice, we cannot refund or reschedule your stay unless we rebook your dates. If we are able to rebook your dates, we will then refund up to 80% of your deposit (depending on the value of the rebooked stay), or you can put 100% towards a future stay within one calendar year. If you cancel with more than 30 days notice, we will retain only your deposit, or you can put that deposit towards a future stay within one calendar year.

Q   An emergency is preventing us from going; can’t you make an exception and refund our stay?

A   There are no exceptions to the cancellation policy. Your dates have been held exclusively for you, meaning that we were turning other inquiries away, and we are obligated to pay the homeowner for your confirmed reservation. Trip insurance can be purchased to cover last minute cancellations under certain documentable circumstances (see above), and it also covers many other things such as emergency care, rental car damage, and lost lugggage. In short, last-minute cancellations are not our financial responsibility; that being said, we can refund your cleaning fee and the cost of your damage insurance policy if you decide not to make the trip.

Q   I don’t know how many people are going yet, is that ok?

A   Yes, you can make your reservation now and let us know what your final guest count is, as long as we’re informed of any additional guests before you depart. We recommend that you book for the minimum number of guests that you know will be attending, then add others as they confirm. Additional guest fees will apply; we cannot refund for reduced guest counts within 30 days of arrival.

Q   Why do I have to pay extra for each guest?

A   We feel that 2 guests should not have to pay as much as larger groups do; thus we set our base rates lower and add minimal guest fees for any guests beyond the number included in the base rental rate. This is a common practice in vacation rentals. The additional guest fees cover the extra wear and tear on the cabin, as well as the cost of supplies, utilities, laundry and cleaning necessary for that reservation. Please note that children under 3 years old stay free. :)

Q   Can our friends just stop by for the day?

A   You must get prior approval for any and all guests that will be on the property in advance. Each property has a caretaker that lives nearby, and if there are more people seen at the cabin than what is stated on your reservation, or otherwise arranged with us in advance, it will be assumed they are overnight guests and you will be charged either maximum occupancy or double the regular guest fee for each unpaid guest.

Q   If we clean up after ourselves really well, do we have to pay the cleaning fee?

A   All guests must pay the applicable cleaning fee with no exceptions. It is true that we do ask guests to straighten up after themselves prior to departure, but the cleaning fee covers much more than this minimal tidying. It goes toward things like hot tub maintenance, groundskeeping, garbage removal, as well as the extensive cleaning that is done between every guest inside the cabin (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, laundry for linens and towels, basic plumbing maintenance, etc.). Cleaning fees are standard with most vacation rentals, though some do lump the cost in with the nightly rate.

Q   What is provided?

A   All our cabins are fully furnished with a full kitchen, complete with a basic set of dishes, cookware, glassware and silverware. A starter supply of hand soap, dish soap, toilet paper (4 rolls per bathroom) and paper towels (2 rolls) is provided. If this does not seem sufficient for your reservation, you may want to bring more. Linens and bath towels are provided. One set of towels will be available for each paid guest, and for longer stays at cabins without a washer/dryer there will one set for every 3-4 nights. Many cabins provide a DVD library and/or wi-fi connected Blu Ray players that will allow you to access your Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon and Pandora accounts. We recommend bringing anything additional you think you need. Please check the website listing and amenity chart to see what specific features your cabin has.

Q   What do I need to bring?

A   Bring your own toiletries, bath towels and/or blankets to use outside (by the river, hot tub, or campfire), campfire wood, newspaper for kindling, wood for indoors if it is not provided at your property, food, games, and movies. Also be sure to bring your confirmation email, as it contains the directions, key box code, and emergency contact numbers for your reservation.

Q   Does the kitchen have plates and stuff?

A   The kitchens are stocked with dishes and basic cookware, but if there is something specific you need (like a potato masher or cupcake pan), please call and ask and we’ll find out if the item is there. While there may be some non-perishable items like coffee filters, salt and pepper left from previous guests, we do not provide any food items unless otherwise specified at that cabin.

Q   I already paid the cleaning fee, why was I charged for additional cleaning?

A   We do ask our guests to leave the cabin in relatively the same condition in which they found it. Our housekeepers come in to vacuum, mop, sanitize, remove garbage and do the laundry. We have provided a basic cleaning checklist to ensure our housekeepers can clean the cabin in the same amount of time (you know how it is, when you have to pick up your place before the housekeeper gets there). If you have not followed the checklist, and it takes longer than usual for the housekeepers to clean the cabin, you will be charged additional cleaning fees. This means no dirty dishes in the sink, no garbage strewn about, no cigarette butts on the ground, no pet hair everywhere- it’s just common sense.

Q   The hot tub wasn’t working one night, and this was the whole reason we stayed here. Can we get that night refunded?

A   We do our best to keep all the hot tubs in working order, but if it is not working we will refund $25 for each day you were unable to use it. $25 is the approximate increase in rate for our cabins with hot tubs, and this is the only refund we offer.

Q   The power/ cable/ heat/ water went out during our stay, do we get a refund?

A   Part of renting a rural mountain cabin is accepting that there will be the occasional unforeseen circumstance that is entirely beyond our control. If you purchased Trip Insurance, you may be able to get a refund in certain circumstances (call for details). Otherwise, if the cabin is uninhabitable due to such circumstances, you can reschedule your stay for dates within a year. We do not offer any refund for unforeseen road closures, power or water outages. We do not offer any sort of compensation for failure of amenities such as TV, Satellite, and internet.

Q   We just got back from our trip and had an issue with our stay. Can you please contact us so we can discuss our compensation?

A   We require any and all issues and concerns to be reported to us DURING your stay. All phone messages are checked 24/7 (yes, including weekends and holidays). We have companies on-call in the area to help out during your stay if necessary. If you cannot take the time to call and leave us a message regarding your concern before you leave, then it must not have been important enough to warrant any form of compensation. This is the same with any business- you don’t get a refund for your meal after you’ve eaten it, and a hotel is not going to refund your stay after you’ve checked out! However, we always welcome your feedback and are happy to pass on any comments to the home owners at any time- we’re always looking for ways to improve our business and the properties we manage.

Q   Why are we being charged for violating a policy we were not aware of?

A   In order to reserve a cabin, you are required to sign the Rental Agreement, either electronically when reserving on line, or by signature when reserving by phone. All of our policies are explained in detail and it is entirely your responsibility to read this Rental Agreement and make sure all the other guests are also aware of the policies. It may seem like a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, but it is a contract that you are legally bound to follow so it’s in your best interest to make sure you read the whole thing!