Leavenworth Wine Tour

Winery Wandering on Front Street: Our Leavenworth Tasting Tour!

A great way to spend an afternoon in beautiful Leavenworth is to simply to wander down Front Street and stop in at every store that catches your eye. This is even more true when you’re in town for a grown ups’ getaway, and you’ve got wine on your mind! Wander down through the heart of Leavenworth and you’re sure to find some crisp whites, smoky Syrahs, and incredible blends. If the very thought has your mouth watering, it may be time to schedule a girl’s weekend or a romantic getaway to Leavenworth!

As frequent visitors of the Bavarian-themed village, we’ve mastered the art of the Leavenworth wine tour. Here’s our list, from southeast to northwest, of the best places to stop in for a tasting on Front Street:


Mysty Mountain’s Four-Stop Leavenworth Wine Tour


D’Vinery Tasting Room: Eagle Creek Winery

 617 FRONT ST #4A
TRY: The Pinot Grigio

Eagle Creek Winery is one of the Colombia Valley’s premier family wineries, and the oldest one in Leavenworth at that. The tasting room on Front Street, which is known as D’Vinery Tasting Room, features Eagle Creek wines which are made from grapes grown at the private vineyard outside of town. There’s nothing quite like drinking local

Leavenworth Wine Tour


Ryan Patrick Vineyards

TRY: The Redhead Red

Named for the founders two sons, Ryan Patrick Wines prides itself on making “approachable wines with a serious edge.” They strive to keep the grape at the heart of each wine, allowing all of their creations to suffer from minimal human intervention. They have won awards from Great Northwest Wines, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator, as well as many more. Curious what sets them apart? Just walk in the door and you’ll know immediately.


Leavenworth Wine Tour


Taste of Icicle Ridge Winery

TRY: The White Merlot

Centered in a beautiful log home built by the owners, Lou and Judy Wagoner, Icicle Ridge Winery opened their doors in late 2002. The log cabin, which still stands in Peshastin overlooking Icicle Ridge Mountain, is a haven for curious minds who appreciate a good story and a good glass of wine. The tastingroom in Leavenworth, however, is an easier place to stop in for a few minutes and a few excellent tastings. A Taste of Icicle Ridge Winery is designed with the same log cabin and family-filled atmosphere that you would find at the cabin itself. It is a must-taste when embarking on your Leavenworth wine tour.

Leavenworth Wine Tour


Boudreaux Cellars Tasting Room

TRY: The Cabernet

A unique place in this Bavarian village, explore the French Quarter-style tasting room for Boudreaux Cellars. With gaslights, a zinc-topped bar, velvet curtains, and delightfully big bottles of wine, you’ll be instantly transported from the hills of Germany to the swamps of Louisiana. If you’re looking for a way to mix things up, you’ve found it!

Leavenworth Wine Tour


There are only so many hours in an afternoon, and we highly recommend that you fill them with wine. Embarking on a Leavenworth wine tour is the perfect way to appreciate your vacation. We guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face, and a few extra bottles to take back to your beautiful rental cabin under your arm!

River rafting in Leavenworth

We Love River Rafting in Leavenworth!

There are two types of mountain vacations: the kind that involves sipping a glass of wine while watching the sunset hit the river from your own private deck, and the kind that involves stretching both your legs and your own personal limits. We’re firm believers that you can have it both ways, and there’s nothing that says “adventure” better than white water rafting! Our very own Leavenworth is the perfect place to jump in the river with a paddle and a guide, and cross something off of your bucket list. We’ve compiled our favorite resources for river rafting in Leavenworth to help you find that adrenaline rush you’ve been craving!

Osprey Rafting Co 

With over 20 years of experience running the Wenatchee river, you’ll find exactly what you were looking for with Osprey Rafting, no matter what that is. They offer floats for the whole family, with something perfect for your young one or something hardcore for the adventurer in you! If winding down a mellow river with your family sounds perfect, Osprey has a Scenic Float down Icicle Creek. Osprey is also the only rafting company in Leavenworth that offers tours through class 4 rapids on their High Adventure tour, which are the most intense in the area. Perfect for thrill-seekers!

A group enjoys the thrills of a Class IV Rapid with Osprey Rafting.
A group enjoys the thrills of a Class IV Rapid with Osprey Rafting.

Blue Sky Outfitters

While Osprey offers an abundance of options for your river rafting adventure, Blue Sky makes it personal by offering small, personalized trips with experienced and certified guides. They even do Wentachee Whitewater / Wine Adventures! A six hour rafting and wine tasting tour? Sounds pretty good to us! And for those who want to get the most out of their mountain vacation, there is the Wenatchee / Methlow Overnighter; a two-day camping trip book-ended by some wild rapids. And your tour even includes a Sirloin steak, in case this didn’t sound amazing enough already!

Running down the Wenatchee river with Blue Sky Outfitters
Running down the Wenatchee river with Blue Sky Outfitters

Orion River Rafting

In 1978,  Orion River Rafting was founded as an internship through the recreation program at Western Washington University. Since then, they have been working hard to create a culture of rafting, offering guided tours all along the cascades and training perspective river guides in the way of the whitewater rapid. They offer your standard tours, and then those more niche offerings (such as the Rockstars Astronomy and Geology river trip along the Deschutes River in Oregon). It’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing, and are easily going to show you the best way to run a river. While you’re looking for river rafting in Leavenworth, check out Orion’s Wenatchee River run. It’s a Class III run, so leave the little ones at home!

River rafting in Leavenworth is a great way to make some memories during your stay at one of our fantastic cabin rentals.  Don’t forget to bring a dry pair of socks for the ride home!


Shopping in Leavenworth

Cheese, Hats, and Nutcrackers: The Best Shopping in Leavenworth!


Part of the fun of a weekend getaway is browsing the local boutiques for hidden treasures, right? And Front Street in Leavenworth is a haven for unique shops with unusual themes that are sure to have the kids (and the grown-ups) giggling. When every building has a Bavarian theme, it’s hard to pick where to start. Everything looks so much more interesting when it has a curly font! To make shopping in Leavenworth just a bit easier, here’s a list of a few of our favorite stops.

1) The Hat Shop & The Wood Shop

From trendy to adorable to just plain wacky, The Hat Shop has the hat you didn’t know that you needed.  The Wood Shop was opened in the summer of 1974 selling handmade wooden toys. As Leavenworth grew, so did their  business, opening The Hat Shop in 1987. Though the founders have passed away, both of these stores remain family owned and operated. These two shops are the perfect place for a goofy selfie. #LeavenworthVacay!



2) Village Alps

Craving something sweet? Village Alps is a great place to stop for a treat! With 59 varieties of taffy, fudge brittles and tons of candies! They also have a large variety of sauces and  food to take home for later. Walking through the front door will make you feel reminiscent of the Wonka chocolate factory that you’ve always wanted to see. Gobstoppers, anyone?

3) Kris Kringl

It’s Christmas year-round at Kris Kringl! Leavenworth is a winter wonderland, and there is no denying that it’s the perfect place to be when you want a cup of eggnog and to listen to some carols. But what if you just want a little bit of cheer in the summer? When shopping in Leavenworth, keep in mind that the elves at Kris Kringl are always looking to make your Christmas wishes come true!



4) Nussknacker Haus

Nutcrackers, smokers, and collectibles are all available at the Nussknacker Haus. We’ve always said that the Nutcracker Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon, and the Nussknacker Haus allows you to take home some of the magic with you when you go.

5) The Cheesemonger’s Shop

A short walk down the stairs will show you a fantastic array of cheeses, Bavarian beers, delightful sausages, and fine wine in The Cheesemonger’s Shop. Feeling fancy? A cheese tray might be the perfect snack after your day of shopping in Leavenworth. The Cheesemonger’s Shop has a huge number of both domestic and imported cheeses in every variety that you could possibly imagine. It’s a cheese-lover’s dream!



Shopping has never been more fun than shopping in Leavenworth! While staying in the mountains, be sure to come down and explore the beautiful Bavarian town below. Wander through Front Street and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Leavenworth Family Fun

Leavenworth Family Fun: Places Your Kids Will Love!

Most think of Leavenworth as the perfect winter wonderland, but it’s just as picturesque a vacation spot in the spring and summer! And while nothing is better than grabbing a glass of wine with your sweetheart on the banks of the Wenatchee on a sunny day, there are also plenty of kid-friendly activities within the city that are sure to delight the whole family.

Farm Fun

Petting zoos, gold panning, cow roping, and more! Smallwood’s Harvest is the perfect place to experience Leavenworth family fun. Eastern Washington is well known for its agriculture, and there’s no better way to show your kiddos where their food comes from than taking them to a real farm. Smallwood’s is experienced and well-equipped to teach children about farm-life. And once everyone is done having fun around the farm, grab some fresh fruit (and maybe a bottle of local, Leavenworth wine – you’ve earned it) on your way back into town.

Carriage Rides

Everyone knows the image of a horse drawn carriage trotting along the snow-lined streets of a Bavarian winter-wonderland, with a happy family cuddled under a wool blanket in the sleigh. And while we think everyone should have this experience at least one in their lifetime, we also happen to think that a carriage ride is even better in the spring! Hans Christian Anderson Carriage Co. operates their carriage rides year round. And there is no prettier sight than Leavenworth in the spring time, right after the snow melts and the flowers start blooming! Your kids are definitely going to love the ride.



Miniature Golf

There’s no shortage of Leavenworth family fun at the Icicle Junction Family Fun Center. And the miniature golf course that they operate is just beautiful, with enchanting waterfalls and miniature Bavarian buildings. The detail that went into the course will impress parents, while the miniature waterwheel will fascinate the young ones. Icicle Junction is the perfect place for a mellow afternoon in the sunshine!


Leavenworth is one of the most scenic areas in Washington State, and soaring through the trees at 40 miles per hour is one of the best ways to drink in the scenery. Imagine zipping between towering evergreens with your feet dangling over the rushing rivers below! Leavenworth Ziplines operates nine different lines in the North Cascades, and is the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping in a safe environment. This is an experience that your kids will always remember!


Nutcracker Museum

The Nutcracker museum is a must for Leavenworth first-timers, especially the youngest ones. Opened in 2002, the Nutcracker Museum was originally a private collection that was donated to the National Heritage Foundation to share with the public. The museum is full of characters to find, from Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street to more obscure characters such as former presidents. Children five and older are able to go on a Nutcracker Hunt, running through the museum in search of certain characters to cross off of their lists! The older you are, the harder your scavenger hunt is. Nothing says Leavenworth family fun quite like an old-fashioned Nutcracker hunt!

Sierra Exif JPEG

For kids from ages 2 to 92, our curated list of kiddo-friendly activities will delight everyone in your family. Give them a try, and let us know your favorites! And most importantly, enjoy all the Leavenworth family fun within easy distance of our 6 beautiful Leavenworth-area rental cabins. Make magical mountain memories with Mysty Mountain Properties!


Cabin Rentals near Lake Wenatchee

5 Swimming Hole Secrets Along Stevens Pass!

Part of being in Washington is wandering among the evergreen trees, and there’s no better place to do that than in the Cascade Mountains. And the upcoming summer weather is sure to inspire an adventure or two. Cliff jumping, anyone? So, while you’re in the mountains this spring, enjoying some family time at one of our many beautiful cabin rentals and you’re looking for a place to take a dip in the water, here are a few hidden watering holes along Stevens Pass.

Upper Icicle Creek

Flowing down from the mountains to meet up with the Wenatchee river, Icicle Creek is the name sake for many of the establishments within Leavenworth (Icicle Brewing Company, Icicle Village Resort, and Icicle Ridge Winery to name a few of our favorites). If you have the day, this is the spot for you. The hike in is about five miles, however it’s mostly flat and perfect for those who have caught the adventure-bug but don’t really know what to do with it. The trail is littered with excellent swimming spots, and great places to stop and bask in the sunlight. But beware: this water is coming straight from the mountains, so it’s going to be a bit crisp!

Icicle Creek, only a few miles from many of our cabin rentals.
Icicle Creek, only a few miles from many of our cabin rentals.

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee is a five-mile-long lake, a mere 16 miles away from Leavenworth. In the summer months, windsurfers can be seen out on the lake, alongside fishing boats and water skiers. And even if swimming doesn’t suit your fancy, Lake Wenatchee also has bike and hiking trails, beach volleyball courts, golf, and Junior Ranger programs for the kids. With all of our cabin rentals in the area, you can let the kids wander to the dock while you enjoy a good book on the deck.

Lake Wenatchee and Dirty Face Mountain, only 16 miles outside of Leavenworth
Lake Wenatchee and Dirtyface Mountain, only 16 miles outside of Leavenworth

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake , like the name implies, is a delightful, Washington secret. The hike from Glacier View, which is only about half a mile one-way, is decorated with trickling waterfalls and show stopping views of Dirtyface Peak. Along the walk, you’ll see plenty of places to throw down a blanket and lay in the sunlight. If you brought the kiddos, be sure to seek out the two “cave trees” along the trail.

Big Eddy Park

Big Eddy Park is a great place to take the family and your furry friends on a warm day. Often used as a take-out spot for a popular white water river nearby, the section of the river that runs though Big Eddy Park is very calm, making it a great place to pack in a lunch and wiggle your toes in the wet sand. This area is also great for angler fishing, attracting steelhead, salmon and trout.



Eagle Falls Swimming Hole

Eagle Falls is the perfect place to take the kids for a hot summer day. Bring a blanket, a paperback and a bagged lunch, and you’ve got the makings for a perfect afternoon, only a few miles away from a number of our vacation cabin rentals. There are spots for cliff jumping, rope swings, and pools so deep that you can’t see the bottom. Avoid this area on cool days however, it tends to get chilly!

Eagle Falls Swimming Hole offers a great place to play in the water
Eagle Falls Swimming Hole offers a great place to play in the water

Whether you want to swim, float down the river, or simply dip your feet in the crystal clear mountain water, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for along the Stevens Pass Greenway. And with the help of Mysty Mountain Properties, you’ll find some perfect vacation cabin rentals for the whole family too! Let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Cabin Rentals in Washington

An Adventurer’s Guide to Highway 2: Making the Most of Your Washington State Cabin Rental!

The Town Wall in Index, WA
The towering Town Wall in Index, WA

With the sun finally threatening to peek out from behind our gloomy Pacific Northwest clouds, Washingtonians everywhere are adding sunblock to their shopping carts, and considering for just a moment whether to crack the car windows on their way to work (even though it’s still only fifty degrees out!). We’re getting ready to put away our skis and snowboards for the season, and rummaging for our hiking boots. If you too are itching to find adventure this spring, we highly recommend renting one of our vacation rental cabins in the breathtaking North Cascades, then taking a leisurely drive along Highway 2.

Following the thundering Skykomish and Wenatchee Rivers through the North Central Cascades, Highway 2 (also known as the Stevens Pass Greenway) is the gateway to the perfect weekend getaway for any family looking for a cozy springtime cabin rental!

What to Do, Going West to East…
Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, WA
Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, WA

Wallace Falls State Park:

A superb example of what Washington state has to offer to those who venture off the main roads, Wallace Falls boasts a 265 foot waterfall as well as 12 miles of hiking trails, with swimming and fishing for the kids and the young at heart! Weekends are very busy at the trailhead, so arrive early, and prepare for a bonus hike from your parking spot to the trailhead.


Just a stone’s throw off Highway 2, there is a quaint little mountain town called Index, WA. Aside from being a scenic spot to spend an afternoon, Index is also an adventurer’s paradise, with river rafting and kayaking available with the Outdoor Adventure Center, and the infamous Index Town Wall beckoning to hikers and expert rock climbers. This trail isn’t for the faint of heart – though it’s a mere 2.5 miles, the total ascent is about 13,000 feet. For rock climbers, the steep 1,200 ft face is a dream. With our cabin rentals around nearly every corner, there’s no fear of running out of time for activities in Index!

White Water Rafting in Index, WA
White Water Rafting in Index, WA

Deception Falls:

With the viewpoint only half a mile from the parking lot, Deception Falls is a great way to stretch your legs along the drive to your Stevens Pass-area cabin rental. Deception Creek tumbles over the falls with such force that you’re likely to feel the spray on your face as you approach the viewing point. There are picnic tables in the parking lot for a roadside lunch as well (try picking up tasty sandwiches at the Sky Deli beforehand), making Deception Falls the perfect spot to pull over and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Tumwater Pipeline Trail:

Just a few miles outside of Leavenworth, The Tumwater Pipeline Trail offers a relaxing, riverside hike that’s the perfect for a sunny spring afternoon. With only 2.5 miles to walk, take it slow and enjoy the pine trees and blooming flowers. But beware the water: in the Chinook language, tumwater means “strong water,” and this trail is aptly named!

Whether you enjoy scaling a steep mountain, or wandering slowly amidst the pine trees, the Stevens Pass Greenway along Highway 2 has exactly what you’re craving as spring returns to the Pacific Northwest. Mysty Mountain Properties has 34 spectacular cabin rentals near Steven’s Pass for every taste and budget, making your next unforgettable weekend adventure just a short drive away!


Sunny Springtime in the North Cascades!


After one of the wettest and snowiest winters the Northwest has ever seen, the Mysty Mountain Properties team is reveling in the recent sunshine and looking forward to another great season of festivals in Leavenworth to celebrate the arrival of spring! Nothing completes a trip out to the Cascades quite like a visit to the charming Bavarian town

First on our list is Spring Sensations, a month-long celebration of one of the area’s most important harvests – the pear.  See the calendar for a complete list of activities, as well as dozens of local restaurants’ pear specials!

Another must-see in April is the Leavenworth Ale-Fest, especially for the beer-lovers in your group. Taking place April 22-23, the event will showcase the best of local beer, as well as breweries from around the nation. This year marks the 9th annual Ale-Fest, which has served as a fundraiser for the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, another great stop during your visit!

In line with true Bavarian tradition, Leavenworth’s Maifest heralds the beginning of spring with a weekend packed with activities including outdoor concerts, dancing and the raising of the 95-foot tall Maipole!

Frühlingsgrüβe and see you there!

Save Up to $250 on Your Spring Getaway!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.47.36 PM

Up to 6 Extra Guests Stay Free & Other Great Savings!*

Spring is the time for huge savings. Pick your favorite promo from the 3 fantastic options below, and add a complimentary early check in or late check out upon availability!

Traveling with a bigger group? Gather your family and friends, and get up to 6 extra guests free! You can save as much as $250 on your Mysty Mountain booking with this incredible deal – just call us at (206) 219-6427 today to receive your discounted quote and book today.


If you’re looking for a quiet romantic getaway instead, never fear! We are still offering 15% off two nights or your 3rd night free with promo codes SPRING15 or SPRING3RD on our website, www.VacationRentalCabins.com. The longer you stay, the more you save!


For all the pet parents out there, up to two pooches can stay FREE in spring! After making your reservation, call us at (206) 219-6427 and we will apply this pet-friendly discount. Our pet fee is typically $20 per night, so this is an $80 value for two pups staying two nights!


Once you’ve picked your perfect promo above, add a complimentary early check in OR late checkout FREE upon availability! You can arrive as early as 10 am or stay as late as 6 pm with no additional charge. That’s a $75-$100 value for absolutely no cost! Just call us 1-2 days prior to your check in for an early arrival, or the day before your departure during business hours, and we will confirm availability.


Whichever of these incredible discounts you choose, we are confident that you will have an amazing and unforgettable stay at one of our vacation rental cabins in the incomparable North Cascades. Thanks for reading, and happy adventuring!

Own a vacation home: Dream Investment Opportunity!

Here’s an opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. Own a piece of paradise and pay a small fraction, if any, of the cost of ownership!

Rear House Tight Sunnybalcony view new

This spectacular Skykomish riverfront home has undergone a meticulous $125k remodel. It features south facing, sweeping mountain and river views, high-end finishes, multiple fireplaces, decks and outbuildings, and an expansive master suite. Consider it the perfect getaway within an hour from the city with plenty of space for the whole family. This is a fully furnished, turn-key opportunity with tons of vacation rental income potential!

kitchen 1House with River Sunny

Located just outside of Index, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s playground with world class fishing, rafting, skiing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking right outside the front door.

It’s not often that riverfront homes in the Skykomish river valley come on the market. There are only a finite number of them, and due to modern building and environmental regulations, it’s very unlikely that any new homes with river frontage right in the backyard will ever be built.

The projected vacation rental income of this home after all management fees is approximately $27,000 to $30,000 a year.  At a price of $425K, it is easy to do the math and determine that this purchase will mostly pay for itself!

Interior Living 1 copyTo schedule a showing  and for more information about this property or Mysty Mountain Properties full service management program, please contact us right away. This opportunity won’t last long!

Click HERE for Property Info – MLS# 898159

If this particular property is not right for you, but you’d like to learn more about purchasing an income-producing vacation home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free expert consultation.

SeaMyst Logo mediumDave Faigin
SeaMyst Realty

Savor the Snowy Winter Season at our Washington State Cabin Rentals!

Washington wooden sign with winter background

After an uncommonly light snow season last year, here at Mysty Mountain Properties we are celebrating the return of winter to the Pacific Northwest! We’ve pulled together some of the North Cascades’ and Stevens-Pass area’s best offerings to help you make the most of your Washington State cabin getaway.

Stevens Pass is experiencing an incredible snow season so far. If you’re heading up to take in the world-class slopes, skip the line and save by adding discounted lift tickets to your cabin
reservation! Mysty Mountain Properties is offering all-day lift tickets for $15 off regular price (before tax). Bonus: At the end of a long day on the mountain, check out the winter music concert series at the resort’s lounge, the Foggy Goggle, every Saturday night through the first weekend of March.

When we’re not skiing or snowboarding, us Northwesterers love our hiking, and we won’t let winter weather stop us from trekking through our beloved mountain scenery! Although many trails are too snowy to ascend at this time of year, Wallace Falls remains a great option year-round. Just outside of quaint Gold Bar, WA, the park offers an old growth forest, numerous rushing rivers and streams, and of course the stunning 265-foot waterfall.

On his last stay at our picturesque Riverside Ranch, Mysty Mountain owner Dave and his fellow cabin-dwellers treated themselves to a home-cooked meal from Index-area professional chef Kellie Whitcomb. After 30 years of experience serving the Sky Valley, Whitcomb knows comfort food and is ready to help you perfect your mountain vacation with services from in-home cooking to catering and meal delivery. Contact Kellie (425-293-5283 or kelliewhitcomb@yahoo.com) to customize your delicious culinary experience!

Let’s get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts. Happy travels!