An Adventurer’s Guide to Highway 2: Making the Most of Your Washington State Cabin Rental!

05/01/2017 | by Louisa Cranston | Concierge Things to Do Tourism Uncategorized Vacation Rentals

With the sun finally threatening to peek out from behind our gloomy Pacific Northwest clouds, Washingtonians everywhere are adding sunblock to their shopping carts, and considering for just a moment whether to crack the car windows on their way to work (even though it’s still only fifty degrees out!). We’re getting ready to put away our skis and snowboards for the season, and rummaging for our hiking boots. If you too are itching to find adventure this spring, we highly recommend renting one of our vacation rental cabins in the breathtaking North Cascades, then taking a leisurely drive along Highway 2.

Following the thundering Skykomish and Wenatchee Rivers through the North Central Cascades, Highway 2 (also known as the Stevens Pass Greenway) is the gateway to the perfect weekend getaway for any family looking for a cozy springtime cabin rental!

What to Do, Going West to East…

Wallace Falls State Park:

A superb example of what Washington state has to offer to those who venture off the main roads, Wallace Falls boasts a 265 foot waterfall as well as 12 miles of hiking trails, with swimming and fishing for the kids and the young at heart! Weekends are very busy at the trailhead, so arrive early, and prepare for a bonus hike from your parking spot to the trailhead.


Just a stone’s throw off Highway 2, there is a quaint little mountain town called Index, WA. Aside from being a scenic spot to spend an afternoon, Index is also an adventurer’s paradise, with river rafting and kayaking available with the Outdoor Adventure Center, and the infamous Index Town Wall beckoning to hikers and expert rock climbers. This trail isn’t for the faint of heart – though it’s a mere 2.5 miles, the total ascent is about 13,000 feet. For rock climbers, the steep 1,200 ft face is a dream. With our cabin rentals around nearly every corner, there’s no fear of running out of time for activities in Index!

Deception Falls:

With the viewpoint only half a mile from the parking lot, Deception Falls is a great way to stretch your legs along the drive to your Stevens Pass-area cabin rental. Deception Creek tumbles over the falls with such force that you’re likely to feel the spray on your face as you approach the viewing point. There are picnic tables in the parking lot for a roadside lunch as well (try picking up tasty sandwiches at the Sky Deli beforehand), making Deception Falls the perfect spot to pull over and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Tumwater Pipeline Trail:

Just a few miles outside of Leavenworth, The Tumwater Pipeline Trail offers a relaxing, riverside hike that’s the perfect for a sunny spring afternoon. With only 2.5 miles to walk, take it slow and enjoy the pine trees and blooming flowers. But beware the water: in the Chinook language, tumwater means “strong water,” and this trail is aptly named!

Whether you enjoy scaling a steep mountain, or wandering slowly amidst the pine trees, the Stevens Pass Greenway along Highway 2 has exactly what you’re craving as spring returns to the Pacific Northwest. Mysty Mountain Properties has 34 spectacular cabin rentals near Steven’s Pass for every taste and budget, making your next unforgettable weekend adventure just a short drive away!