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We Love River Rafting in Leavenworth!

There are two types of mountain vacations: the kind that involves sipping a glass of wine while watching the sunset hit the river from your own private deck, and the kind that involves stretching both your legs and your own personal limits. We’re firm believers that you can have it both ways, and there’s nothing that […]

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An Adventurer’s Guide to Highway 2: Making the Most of Your Washington State Cabin Rental!

With the sun finally threatening to peek out from behind our gloomy Pacific Northwest clouds, Washingtonians everywhere are adding sunblock to their shopping carts, and considering for just a moment whether to crack the car windows on their way to work (even though it’s still only fifty degrees out!). We’re getting ready to put away […]

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Sunny Springtime in the North Cascades!

After one of the wettest and snowiest winters the Northwest has ever seen, the Mysty Mountain Properties team is reveling in the recent sunshine and looking forward to another great season of festivals in Leavenworth to celebrate the arrival of spring! Nothing completes a trip out to the Cascades quite like a visit to the […]

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Savor the Snowy Winter Season at our Washington State Cabin Rentals!

After an uncommonly light snow season last year, here at Mysty Mountain Properties we are celebrating the return of winter to the Pacific Northwest! We’ve pulled together some of the North Cascades’ and Stevens-Pass area’s best offerings to help you make the most of your Washington State cabin getaway. Stevens Pass is experiencing an incredible […]

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Autumn Arrives in the Mountains!

After an unusually hot summer, Washingtonians are looking forward to once again donning our rain jackets, cozying up in our fleeces and embracing the upcoming autumn. As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, the Pacific Northwest offers a new host of exciting activities. From the changing of the leaves, to pumpkin patch day […]

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Roadside Stops in the North Cascades

Summertime vacations are always exciting: a chance to finally enjoy the weather in the company of family and friends. If you’re heading off to the mountains for a relaxing riverside adventure, why hurry on the way there? Washington’s scenic mountain highways afford exciting roadside stops you won’t want to miss. Wayside Chapel – Sultan This […]

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Spring Break in the North Cascades!

              The kids are out of school, the sun is out and the weather’s getting warmer – what could be better than spring break in the mountains? We’ve got plenty of availability left in April, and if you book a last-minute North Cascades getaway in April, including at least […]

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A Rustic Vacation with all of the Amenities

Camping (particularly the tent kind) is vacationing that’s really only appealing for a certain type of person. A ‘happy’ camper (please excuse the pun!) is one who enjoys the great outdoors and is happy to relax without modern amenities such as running water, heating, electricity, or WiFi. Most of us appreciate the natural beauty of a rustic […]

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Index Area Landslide Cuts Off Access to Several Mysty Mountain Properties Cabins

Several of Mysty Mountain Properties’ vacation rental cabins have been affected by a devastating landslide within the Mount Index Riversites community. The property most affected is our beloved Sunset Falls Cabin, which is the closest home to the slide site. Also impacted are the following popular cabins, which will be unavailable until further notice: Huckleberry Hideout […]

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