Leavenworth Family Fun: Places Your Kids Will Love!

05/22/2017 | by Louisa Cranston | Concierge Kid Friendly Things to Do Tourism

Most think of Leavenworth as the perfect winter wonderland, but it’s just as picturesque a vacation spot in the spring and summer! And while nothing is better than grabbing a glass of wine with your sweetheart on the banks of the Wenatchee on a sunny day, there are also plenty of kid-friendly activities within the city that are sure to delight the whole family.

Farm Fun

Petting zoos, gold panning, cow roping, and more! Smallwood’s Harvest is the perfect place to experience Leavenworth family fun. Eastern Washington is well known for its agriculture, and there’s no better way to show your kiddos where their food comes from than taking them to a real farm. Smallwood’s is experienced and well-equipped to teach children about farm-life. And once everyone is done having fun around the farm, grab some fresh fruit (and maybe a bottle of local, Leavenworth wine – you’ve earned it) on your way back into town.

Carriage Rides

Everyone knows the image of a horse drawn carriage trotting along the snow-lined streets of a Bavarian winter-wonderland, with a happy family cuddled under a wool blanket in the sleigh. And while we think everyone should have this experience at least one in their lifetime, we also happen to think that a carriage ride is even better in the spring! Hans Christian Anderson Carriage Co. operates their carriage rides year round. And there is no prettier sight than Leavenworth in the spring time, right after the snow melts and the flowers start blooming! Your kids are definitely going to love the ride.

Miniature Golf

There’s no shortage of Leavenworth family fun at the Icicle Junction Family Fun Center. And the miniature golf course that they operate is just beautiful, with enchanting waterfalls and miniature Bavarian buildings. The detail that went into the course will impress parents, while the miniature waterwheel will fascinate the young ones. Icicle Junction is the perfect place for a mellow afternoon in the sunshine!


Leavenworth is one of the most scenic areas in Washington State, and soaring through the trees at 40 miles per hour is one of the best ways to drink in the scenery. Imagine zipping between towering evergreens with your feet dangling over the rushing rivers below! Leavenworth Ziplines operates nine different lines in the North Cascades, and is the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping in a safe environment. This is an experience that your kids will always remember!


Nutcracker Museum

The Nutcracker museum is a must for Leavenworth first-timers, especially the youngest ones. Opened in 2002, the Nutcracker Museum was originally a private collection that was donated to the National Heritage Foundation to share with the public. The museum is full of characters to find, from Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street to more obscure characters such as former presidents. Children five and older are able to go on a Nutcracker Hunt, running through the museum in search of certain characters to cross off of their lists! The older you are, the harder your scavenger hunt is. Nothing says Leavenworth family fun quite like an old-fashioned Nutcracker hunt!


For kids from ages 2 to 92, our curated list of kiddo-friendly activities will delight everyone in your family. Give them a try, and let us know your favorites! And most importantly, enjoy all the Leavenworth family fun within easy distance of our 6 beautiful Leavenworth-area rental cabins. Make magical mountain memories with Mysty Mountain Properties!