Winery Wandering on Front Street: Our Leavenworth Tasting Tour!

07/07/2017 | by Louisa Cranston | Things to Do Tourism

A great way to spend an afternoon in beautiful Leavenworth is to simply to wander down Front Street and stop in at every store that catches your eye. This is even more true when you’re in town for a grown ups’ getaway, and you’ve got wine on your mind! Wander down through the heart of Leavenworth and you’re sure to find some crisp whites, smoky Syrahs, and incredible blends. If the very thought has your mouth watering, it may be time to schedule a girl’s weekend or a romantic getaway to Leavenworth!

As frequent visitors of the Bavarian-themed village, we’ve mastered the art of the Leavenworth wine tour. Here’s our list, from southeast to northwest, of the best places to stop in for a tasting on Front Street:


Mysty Mountain’s Four-Stop Leavenworth Wine Tour


D’Vinery Tasting Room: Eagle Creek Winery

 617 FRONT ST #4A
TRY: The Pinot Grigio

Eagle Creek Winery is one of the Colombia Valley’s premier family wineries, and the oldest one in Leavenworth at that. The tasting room on Front Street, which is known as D’Vinery Tasting Room, features Eagle Creek wines which are made from grapes grown at the private vineyard outside of town. There’s nothing quite like drinking local


Ryan Patrick Vineyards

TRY: The Redhead Red

Named for the founders two sons, Ryan Patrick Wines prides itself on making “approachable wines with a serious edge.” They strive to keep the grape at the heart of each wine, allowing all of their creations to suffer from minimal human intervention. They have won awards from Great Northwest Wines, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator, as well as many more. Curious what sets them apart? Just walk in the door and you’ll know immediately.



Taste of Icicle Ridge Winery

TRY: The White Merlot

Centered in a beautiful log home built by the owners, Lou and Judy Wagoner, Icicle Ridge Winery opened their doors in late 2002. The log cabin, which still stands in Peshastin overlooking Icicle Ridge Mountain, is a haven for curious minds who appreciate a good story and a good glass of wine. The tastingroom in Leavenworth, however, is an easier place to stop in for a few minutes and a few excellent tastings. A Taste of Icicle Ridge Winery is designed with the same log cabin and family-filled atmosphere that you would find at the cabin itself. It is a must-taste when embarking on your Leavenworth wine tour.



Boudreaux Cellars Tasting Room

TRY: The Cabernet

A unique place in this Bavarian village, explore the French Quarter-style tasting room for Boudreaux Cellars. With gaslights, a zinc-topped bar, velvet curtains, and delightfully big bottles of wine, you’ll be instantly transported from the hills of Germany to the swamps of Louisiana. If you’re looking for a way to mix things up, you’ve found it!


There are only so many hours in an afternoon, and we highly recommend that you fill them with wine. Embarking on a Leavenworth wine tour is the perfect way to appreciate your vacation. We guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face, and a few extra bottles to take back to your beautiful rental cabin under your arm!