Learning to Shred? Snowboard Lessons at Stevens Pass

11/24/2017 | by Louisa Cranston | Kid Friendly Things to Do Tourism


Here comes the snow! We’re ready for beautiful white landscapes, snowballs flying through the air, and most importantly, the mug of hot cocoa that warms up your fingers after they’re practically frozen from playing in the cold. What better way to welcome the changing winter season than a trip to your local ski resort?

Stevens Pass is one of Washington’s premier ski resorts, with over 1,125 acres to play, and 37 runs to conquer! Need some guidance before you take on the mountain? Make this the year you finally learn! Snowboard lessons at Stevens Pass make it a possibility.

Why Should You Snowboard?

Because it makes you happy, for starters. Rushing down that mountain is a thrill like no other! When those endorphins start rushing through you, you’ll feel a grin spread from ear to ear.

It’s also a great way to get outside and get some exercise. No need to go to the gym this weekend – snowboarding, even at its most basic, is the ultimate cardio workout.

Lastly, it builds lasting memories with friends and family. How adorable will your family holiday card look with a photo of everyone taken at the top of the mountain? And the kids will never forget that time that Mom fell down the hill, or the snowman Dad built that looked a little bit like grandma. Make some memories with your loved ones in the snow!

Ways to Learn

Snowboarding lessons at Stevens Pass make it easy to learn, to brush up on your skills, or to pick up some pointers.

First timers can learn the basics of snowboarding and build up their confidence to really tackle the slopes. If you’ve boarded before but it’s been a while, attend a clinic and brush up on your foundational skills. Smaller group sizes focus in more on the adventure and on personal skill breakthroughs. There are even lessons for seniors, because you’re never too old to learn something new!

The snow is starting to pile up at Stevens. It’s time to dust off your snow boots and find a brand new adventure. Make this the year that you learn to snowboard!